Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic gynecology refers to the improvement in the functionality and appearance of the external structures of the vagina. Every woman has her own distinct anatomy, and every woman has expectations for her appearance.

If a woman lacks confidence in the appearance of her anatomy, she may be uncomfortable wearing certain types of underwear or bathing suits, lack confidence in the bedroom, or even be limited in her ability to engage in intercourse.

Dr. Samuels is sensitive to each and every individual woman’s perspective. As a urogynecologist, her training is comprehensive and extensive, and she is equipped to treat even the most complicated cases.

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The labia may grow long, uneven or loose due to estrogen stimulation during puberty and pregnancy, the effects of gravity with aging, or weight gain or loss.

Women may experience irritation, difficulty with sex, and the inability to wear certain clothes like swimsuits.

Labiaplasty is surgery on the inner lips (labia minora) or outer lips (labia majora).

Labiaplasty is also referred to as labial reduction or enhancement. This procedure is for women who are uncomfortable with the size or unevenness of their labia.

Removing or reducing the size of the labia does not affect vagina functions or leave you with an open vagina.