Skintyte Skin Tightening

Skin laxity occurs when your body begins producing less collagen and elastin. Where once your skin was firm and bright, it can begin to sag or wrinkled.


When this happens, it can become challenging to take as much joy in your body as before, as your appearance begins to be at odds with how you feel. With SkinTyte skin tightening at Essentially You, you can turn back the clock to achieve a rejuvenated appearance. At Essentially You, we offer a range of treatments to keep you proud of your body. We provide compassionate and discrete care so you can have a comfortable experience every step of the way. You deserve to be confident in your own skin, and we are here to make that a reality.

What Is Skintyte Skin Tightening?

SkinTyte uses measured heat and energy to restore firmness and texture to lax skin. The treatment uses cutting-edge advancements in infrared light to send rejuvenating heat deep into your skin and tissues. And thanks to the advanced cooling technology, your skin’s surface is kept at a safe, cool, and comfortable temperature the entire time.

After the treatment, you can expect to see significant improvements in skin laxity. With each subsequent treatment, your body will continue to respond, knocking years off your skin’s appearance and feel.

How Does Skintyte Work?

Unlike creams or medication, SkinTyte skin tightening uses only the natural healing power of heat and light to encourage your body’s restoration. With gentle, rapid pulses of infrared light, it evenly heats your skin. Your body responds to this heat by beginning to renew the production of collagen and tightening existing collagen.

Collagen is a protein that forms the foundation of healthy skin. As we age or our skin becomes damaged, our bodies produce less of this crucial material. The result: our skin becomes loose and loses its firm texture. But our bodies only need a little encouragement to rebuild our supply of collagen. When your skin absorbs the BroadBand light of SkinTyte, it begins a healing process, leading to an increase in skin firmness after each session.

While the treatment can help any part of your body, most patients use SkinTyte to tighten the skin around their:

  • Chin
  • Submental
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen

But if any part of your body is showing loose skin, SkinTyte can help you fight back.

Is Skintyte Right For Me?

If you have skin that has become wrinkled or loose, then this treatment is for you. One of the benefits of the advanced SkinTyte technology is that it can treat loose skin on any part of the body.

    Unlike surgery, SkinTyte has virtually no downtime or recovery period. You can return to your regular routine immediately after a treatment session. And you still see amazing results! Surgery requires additional risk and an uncomfortable recovery period of up to half a month. With SkinTyte, you can achieve rejuvenation without having to take a break from life.

    There is no upper or lower age limit to this treatment either. Whether you want to treat loose skin or take preventative measures, SkinTyte can help. During your personal consultation, Dr. Samuels will work with you to decide what treatment option is best for you. We provide several laser and heat treatments, each specially designed to treat various concerns.

    Skin Tightening Results

    Most patients report an improvement in skin texture after only one session. But it is important to remember that it will take some time for your final results to develop. SkinTyte works by heating deep tissues, which respond by producing more collagen.

    You can see optimal results with about 3-6 sessions, depending on your goals. Each session can be spread out, with one session every two weeks providing optimal results. With each treatment, you will see improvements, but your final results will become apparent after about three to four months.

    Your results will then last you for years. Most patients report seeing improvements lasting for about two years or more. You can always come in for a touchup treatment to keep your results lasting even longer! The total duration of your results will depend on several factors. These include your:

    • Age
    • Activity levels
    • Diet and overall health

    Schedule Your Consultation Today

    If loose or wrinkled skin is impacting your quality of life, you can take a stand. The first step to a rejuvenated appearance is to schedule your consultation today. We will meet with you personally to develop an individualized treatment plan that matches your needs.

    Every step of the way, we keep you fully informed and involved in the process. So every decision can be made with confidence and excitement. We look forward to helping you achieve a rejuvenated you. Call us today to learn more about SkinTyte skin tightening and how you can reach your goals.

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