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Genetic testing provides options to get ahead of cancer

Hereditary cancer, including breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers, runs in families due to mutations in genes passed from parents to children. The Empower hereditary cancer test analyzes your genes to determine if you carry a gene variant linked to an increased risk for over 12 kinds of hereditary cancers.

1 in 4 patients in the women’s health setting meet medical guidelines that qualify them for hereditary cancer testing. Could this be you? Consider Empower hereditary cancer testing.

Risk factors to discuss with your doctor to determine if hereditary cancer testing is right for you and your family:

When to Consider Hereditary Cancer Testing

history of cancer

Personal or family history of cancer at age 50 or younger

history of ovarian

Personal or family history of ovarian, male breast, colorectal or pancreatic cancer

multiple cancers

Multiple cancers or tumors on the same side of the family

ashkenazi ancestry

Ashkenazi ancestry

familial cancer patterns

Your patient is concerned about other familial cancer patterns

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