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Aesthetic gynecology refers to the improvement in the functionality and appearance of the external structures of the vagina. It is also more commonly known as vaginal rejuvenation. In addition, vaginal tightening can be achieved with procedures such as Thermiva and Divatyte. Every woman has her own distinct anatomy, and every woman has expectations for her appearance.

If a woman struggles with confidence in the appearance of her anatomy, it can leave an impact on your daily life. You may be uncomfortable wearing certain types of underwear or bathing suits. Or you might lack confidence in the bedroom. Or even be limited in her ability to engage in intercourse. These are all core aspects of the human experience, and ones that should be a source of joy.

Here at Essentially You, Dr. Samuels and the staff are sensitive to every individual woman’s perspective. As the leading urogynecologist Houston has, her training is comprehensive and extensive. And she is equipped to treat even the most complicated cases with compassion and expertise. Learn more about Dr. Samuels’ experience with aesthetic gynecology and vaginal rejuvenation procedures on her RealSelf profile.


The labia may grow long, uneven, or become loose due to a range of factors. This can occur due to:

  • Estrogen stimulation during puberty and pregnancy
  • The effects of gravity with aging
  • Weight gain or loss

Regardless of the cause, it can lead to dissatisfaction with the appearance of your labia. This in turn can lead to a range of effects on your daily life. Women may experience:

  • Irritation
  • Difficulty with sex
  • Inability to wear certain clothes like swimsuits

Labiaplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation surgery that can treat the inner or outer lips. For the inner lips, it is called labia minora reduction. And for outer lips, it is called labia majora reduction. The goal is to reshape the labia to provide a better physical and emotional outcome.

Labiaplasty is also referred to as labial reduction or enhancement. Reduction because it can tighten and improve the appearance of the lips. And enhancement because it can improve function at the same time. This vaginal rejuvenation procedure is for women who are uncomfortable with the size or unevenness of their labia.

Removing or reducing the size of the labia does not affect core vaginal function. Nor does it leave you with an open vagina. Instead, Dr. Samuels expertly reshapes the skin to provide a look and feel that inspires confidence.

DEP Therapy

Vaginal and anal bleaching with collagen and whitening is another means of vaginal rejuvenation. This treatment uses a Dermoelectroporation device to correct uneven toned skin and texture. This therapy also uses a Vitamin C-based cream to gently even the skin tone by using a special formula. This formula includes powerfully enhancing ingredients, including:

  • Nona Peptide-1
  • Shitake Mushroom Extract

For best results, weekly treatments are recommended in the first month. After this, treatment typically follows with two treatments in the next month. To maintain results, patients should receive treatments every 3-4 weeks.

An at-home daily regimen is also given for in-between treatments to improve skin color. It is crucial to apply the cream at home daily to the area which has been treated. If the regimen is not carefully followed, it can produce unsatisfactory results.

You will experience an overall evening out of the skin tone and a healthy glow. Many patients enjoy this treatment because it involves no surgery or downtime. Yet, it still produces powerful results that boost your self-confidence and quality of life.

Which Procedure is Best For Me?

During your consultation, Dr. Samuels will work with you to understand your goals. With compassion care, she develops a treatment plan that will match your needs perfectly. Some of the procedures can be done simultaneously, creating a fully rejuvenated effect.

Some patients may be ready for a surgical treatment. But, do not worry if you are not prepared for that commitment. Dr. Samuels is ready to develop personalized treatments for each patient. Her goal is that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. With her extensive training and experience, she looks forward to helping you achieve what is Essentially You.

Every step of the way, you will be kept fully informed. And you will be able to move toward your essential self with full confidence. If you have any questions, Dr. Samuels will provide you clear and full answers. Call us today to learn about what we can do for you.

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Your body should be a source of pride and joy. For many women, your feminine health can have a significant impact on both self-confidence and quality of life. Fortunately, there are many ways to address these concerns. By providing expert, compassionate care, Dr. Samuels can help you take control of your body once more. She strives to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere every step of the way.

Start today and schedule a consultation to learn about the treatment options she provides. For the best vaginal rejuvenation and aesthetic gynecology in Houston, look no further. Call today to learn about additional treatment options to reach the essential you.

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